Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"What is Truth?"

What is truth? An appropriate question to ponder at this time of the liturgical year, as well as at this (or any) point in world history. The Rev. Albert Scariato, M.D., in his article, “A Question of Relationship,” (Washington Window, April 2005), provides this reflection on this age-old question:

Spanning the history of the church, the Holy Spirit has striven to guide the world, both outside and inside the church, into a more complete understanding of truth. A vital question in Jesus’ time and in our own comes from Pilate’s lips (John 18:38), “What is truth?” Accessing that truth has been the work that the church has been commissioned to explore, incorporate and proclaim. Never has so great a task been undertaken by mere mortals. Truth has within it the power to create freedom (John 8:32). Freedom itself represents the ultimate gift of our God.


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