Friday, July 13, 2007

Ministering to the Minister

Yesterday while I was at the vet’s spending my last few minutes with Lestat, Maggie, one of my UCLA students, called. I did not take the call at the time, and forgot to call her back later in the day. This morning I called her and left a voice mail message saying (among other things) that I had not been able to take her call because I was having a personal crisis. She stopped by my office a little while later to make sure I was okay. I told her what had happened with Lestat. She really ministered to me as we talked about it. Then she took her cello and played a piece by Bach, dedicating it to Lestat. It was lovely – both the music and the fact that she wanted to do that for me. I felt really blessed to have her come by and be with me in a time of personal pain, to minister to me both with her gift of presence and her gift of music.


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