Sunday, October 19, 2008

Political Sermonizing

Today I preached my first political sermon (see text of sermon). I was really nervous about how it would go over with the congregation, but it seemed to go fine. There was at least one person at the 8:00 service who was obviously a little agitated by it. But the 10:00ers seemed to really like it and I got some good comments about people liking it. One parishioner said she didn’t know how it would go over – she knew I was going to get political. But she said she was pleasantly surprised. While it was a different style from my sermons in the past, she thought it went very well and that it was definitely my voice. She felt that I have definitely expanded my range in how I preach. That would have pleased John Dally (my preaching professor at Seabury), who always stressed that sermons need to be authentic, in our own voice. So I was pleased with my parishioner’s assessment.


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