Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Little Drummer Boy - The Show

Today after church, one of my parishioners told me that he found the Rankin-Bass animated version of “The Little Drummer Boy” Christmas special on YouTube. When I got home this evening, I downloaded and watched it. It is actually in three parts, totaling about 25 minutes.

(Rather than upload each of the videos, which will take an eternity, I am merely posting links to the appropiriate YouTube URLs):

The Little Drummer Boy Part 1

The Little Drummer Boy Part 2

The Little Drummer Boy Part 3

As I noted in my
sermon last week, I had not seen it in probably 30 years. It was wonderful to finally see it again. But I realized as I watched it, there were some parts that I had forgotten. In actuality, the animated show was not quite as I had remembered it at all – it was better. What I was actually remembering as I wrote my sermon for January 11 was more my interpretation of the song filtered through the lens of the show, but that the overall message of the show was somewhat different.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the show again after all these years, crying during most of it. As I watched it, I realized that based on the show, there was probably another sermon in it, as yet to be developed.

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