Sunday, May 06, 2007

Losing One of the Flock

I’m so bummed! At dinner tonight, one of my students, Maggie, mentioned that she had decided to leave UCLA and return to Northwestern University. She had been at Northwestern last year (at the same time I was at Seabury, across the street), but had transferred to UCLA. She really missed her cello instructor, so wanted to return to Northwestern to finish her degree in music. While I understand her reasons for leaving, I still don’t like it. Since she started attending our Sunday services, she has become an integral part of our little community, accompanying our pianist on occasion, and even filling in with cello music when our pianist has not been able to be there. Not only does she bring great musical talent, she also has wonderful insights during our reflections on the scripture lessons and an incredibly dry and sarcastic sense of humor (which I love, and part of the reason we have really bonded). Maggie’s absence will be painfully felt in our small group.


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